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Difficult Decision Counselling

Deciding whether to bring a baby into her life can sometimes be THE hardest and most painful choice a woman can find herself having to make.

There can be a thousand reasons that she might find herself faced with this tough decision, ranging from possible relationship complications or violence, or the pregnancy could be a result of rape or abuse, her age might be a factor, or her financial situation, her living environment, or she might be feeling a sense of lack in personal capacity to raise her child alone.

No matter the reasons, they are her own. Modern times stress the importance that this choice must be hers, and hers alone. However, such a choice can feel devastating to have to have to make alone.


How can Decision Counselling help?

Unbiased, professional counselling by a trained therapist with personal experience of this choice realm can be of enormous value, to help her sift through what comes next either way, what all the options are, what to expect from the procedure, help make sense of conflicting reasoning in the option field, help find peace and clarity about the decision and the personal reasoning behind it.


This is a non-judgemental and non-biased support base that provides a safe, holding containment for choice making, or grief processing, and, to provide a healthy framework for positive self-perception and a lasting strength of self-responsibility and autonomy in future choice making. 

Music Therapy and Holistic Counselling can bring added benefit to this process too, when elements are combined for your individualised therapy program.

Music Therapy provides a safe space to explore your inner voice and realm of being. Through Guided Imagery with specialised Music the sub-conscious mind can be accessed, in order for you to hear your deeper truths. Music can help our inner voice speak to us in images, in those times when intense contradiction and emotional confusion blocks our clarity. Or perhaps beating a drum or primal scream therapy can be of great benefit in release and catharsis.

Holistic Counselling provides clients with a comprehensive sense and concept of 'Self', and the relationship between mind, body, spirit and health. Utilising these frameworks; I guide my guides clients through a range of holistic counselling techniques such as relaxation, life skills, social relationships and motivational counselling, in addition to psychotherapy, gestalt therapy and narrative therapy.


With Autonomy 1st Therapies
YOU get to choose whichever therapeutic elements YOU feel will help you make this difficult choice,
and how to stay positive once the choice has been made.

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