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"Creative Life"  

Creativity Reboot Programs

Design your creative process; Design your Life

A Creative Life is a Journey

Do you have a secret wish to express that buried talent, but don’t quite believe that you can do it, or have what it takes?



Are you a Blocked creative who knows what your unique creative talents are, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to use them, or get started on the project?


Is something stopping you from taking action on ideas?



Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you have a a hidden, latent talent that you just haven’t discovered or recognised yet?



Do you simply yearn to live a more creative kind of life, wish you were creative, but believe you’re not?


Guess what..?  You ARE!! 


In-person or Online sessions available

(in-person currently only available within Tasmania)

Read on to discover more about how a Creative Reboot can help you achieve your dreams with more resilience...

Guitar Strings



The creative journey can, at times, feel like a lonely road; sometimes you love your work, other times you might devalue it, feel stagnant or uninspired... 

With supportive counselling mentorship and guidance as you open yourself up to your creative self, you can find ways to express that hidden inner talent, that you just love doing and yearn to share with the outer world. I can help you find your feet as you recognise the 'Artist' within and to own the title.


Whether you’re an Inventor, Musician, Writer, Dancer, budding Chef or avid Gardener...


Your personalised, individual Creativity Reboot program will get you and your projects on track faster and with more resilience

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