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Hobart Harmony Group















If you've always wanted to sing but you're scared to do it alone, or perhaps you prefer to sing with others...


Why not come along and learn some easy singing techniques in a gentle and encouraging group? 

We will be working on putting some luscious harmonies into some great songs.


Come along and join in the fun with this small and very encouraging circle of freindly folks, and sing along with the help of some talented local musician's to accompany us.


Sometimes the dreaded 'artist's block' or 'creative dry spells' are simply a symptom of disconnection with the simpler sides of life. Nothing a good hearty sing in harmony can't fix!


These workshops are designed to rejuvenate and awaken the senses and assist you to peel back the dried out layers on the creative onion and get you back to working from your centre.


Workshops include Yoga and Breath work, Rhythm Play, gentle Movement, Vocal agility exercises, Group collaboration, Harmony Work, some fantastic songs and will conclude with occasional concerts to showcase works in progress throughout the year.


Contact me to express your interest in the next Harmony group for session details etc.






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