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What is Music Therapy?

Music therapists assess and treat with Music; in many different formats and applications. Music Therapy enhances emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities and physical skills. It can assist to improve speech impediments, nervous system issues, neurological and cognitive disorders by re-ordering dysfunctional skills, through musical responses.


Music is the soundtrack to our life...

It is the condiment that goes with the 'stuff' of it! 

How does Music Therapy work?

Through activities such as:
Guided Imagery with music

Improvisation on Musical Instruments

Receptive music listening,

Song writing,

Lyric analysis,



Music performance,

Learning through music,

Using Music in Communication

and so much more...

Music Therapists design clinically directed musical intervention sessions for individuals and groups, based on client needs, goals and objectives, in private practise and often times as part of an in interdisciplinary treatment team; involved in planning, implementation, clinical reporting and ongoing evaluation.


Music Therapy greatly enhances healing and trauma after many invasive clinical treatments, and aids quicker recovery in rehabilitation for critical many areas. It has the power to effect positive outcomes in complex areas such as:

Non-verbally communicative individuals, people with confusion and memory disorders ie: Dementia and Alzheimers etc. Singing and musical interactivity assists vocal function in those with Parkinson's, and, rhythmic music aids Gait-training for those regaining their walking skills.


Music can often be a critical life-line; for those just entering this life: in Neo-natal facilities, and, it can be a powerful emotional aid, a spiritual salve and a legacy to leave behind, for the terminally ill, in their end of life process.


Participating in music making unite people in commonality and connectivity, even the most dissonant of groups. Music interconnects us, where nothing else quite can! 

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